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USA Made Stimulus Purchase Program

We are excited to announce a NEW USA Made Stimulus Purchase Program to continue partnering with local music communities and also celebrate USA manufacturing. The pandemic has been difficult for all of us and Conn-Selmer has decided to give an additional 1 million dollars of stimulus aid to schools interested in purchasing school-owned USA manufactured instruments. This includes:

  • Tubas
  • Marching Brass
  • Marching Percussion
  • French Horns
  • Baritones/Euphoniums
  • Sousaphones
  • Harmony Woodwinds
  • Educational Percussion

We are excited to shine a light on the importance of American hand-made craftsmanship while also encouraging economic growth right here in the USA. From sourcing to producing, we pride ourselves on supporting jobs and manufacturing high-quality instruments for music education. Download a PDF and take advantage of this unique purchase program before it's gone!

For order inquiries, please contact your local Conn-Selmer Dealer or Conn-Selmer's Division of Education at (877) 534-4299, email (, or by completing the form below.

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Last year, Conn-Selmer's Division of Education set aside 1 million dollars to be dispersed as a stimulus to help schools outfit their instrumental ensembles with shared school-owned instruments.

Alongside 89 of our authorized dealers, we awarded 1.1 million dollars to 195 schools across the nation.

Comments from schools and dealer partners
who have participated in our Stimulus Program:

Becky Vogel, Phoenix Union HS, AZ

"As a Title I district where 78% of our students qualify for Free and Reduced lunch, we already provide all wind instruments that our students need at no cost. However, we do not have melodic percussion instruments available for students to take home. Due to the discounted price offered through the Stimulus Program, we were able to afford to purchase a Musser Xylophone Kit for all of our percussionists, meaning that they will receive the same instruction at home as their wind-playing peers. We are extremely grateful to Conn-Selmer for helping us provide this for our students!"

Lewis Nelson - Sentinel HS, Missoula, MT

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Conn-Selmer and their stimulus program. My budgets are so small that typically I would be forced to buy used products or only one large purchase. This program has enabled me to purchase 2 new tubas and a tenor sax, for the price of one tuba. Thank you Conn-Selmer!"

Kandis Taylor - Lakeridge JH, Orem, UT

"Both the partnership with Conn-Selmer and the Stimulus package has helped me obtain a myriad of instruments, R-shields, and quality guest clinicians to work with my bands at incredibly deep, discounted rates. The Conn-Selmer School Partnership Program and Stimulus package has made what seemed to be the financially impossible...possible!"

Michael James - Ballard HS, Seattle, WA

"I was so grateful to hear about the Conn-Selmer Stimulus program. Through the program, I was able to purchase a much needed tuba for my students at a very reasonable price! As we head into the school year, I know that I will have enough instruments for my students to use without having to share school instruments. This will help to keep all students engaged in the program and practicing at home. Thank you, Conn-Selmer!"

Randy Shayler, Owner & CEO - Zeswitz Music

"This program is a tremendous gift to instrumental music education, and they launched it with remarkable speed in a critical moment of need. The Stimulus Program reinforces that Conn-Selmer and its dealers are vital partners for successful music educators and their programs, no matter what obstacles the world throws in our way. Together with Conn-Selmer, we want music educators to know that despite the challenges we currently face, we have their long-term best interests in mind."

Jack Barton, Education Rep. & Band Sales Manager - Summerhays Music

"This fall we had a number of schools requesting additional instruments due to COVID-19. Oftentimes in more desperate situations like this the tendency is to just go with the low-price option while sacrificing on other things like sound quality and long-term durability of the instrument.
When the Conn-Selmer Stimulus program was first announced it was an opportunity for us to help teachers and administrators save on much-needed instruments for their band programs without making that sacrifice on quality.
We’re expecting hundreds of instruments to go in and out of the store during the next few months thanks to the Stimulus program. And on a personal level I feel better knowing that many of these schools will have Conn-Selmer instruments available for their students to play on."

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